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Dignity not destitution.

Ask your MP to act.

The asylum system is supposed to protect people who come to the UK having fled the horror of war and violence.

When they get here, they should be safe. Instead, many find themselves hungry and homeless. This is because applications for financial and housing support are often delayed or wrongly rejected before being eventually approved.

People aren’t looking for much – the financial support is just £5.23 per day, but it’s a lifeline for people who have nothing and are not allowed to work while they’re applying for asylum.

Write to your MP now and ask them to petition the Home Secretary to make sure that:

  • The Home Office to make decisions as quickly as possible on asylum support applications
  • The Home Office is transparent about how it makes decisions on asylum support
  • People seeking asylum are given the right to work in the UK while they wait for a decision on their asylum claim so that they can support themselves

MPs can make sure that the Government hears our message loud and clear – that people seeking protection in Britain deserve dignity, not destitution.

Email your MP now.

I am happy for Refugee Action to email me with their latest news and information on how I can support refugees: