Stand Up For Asylum: sign the petition!

Claiming asylum is a human right. Everyone has the right to live free from danger, to care for their children in safety. But here in the UK, the asylum system is failing those seeking protection. It’s unfair, ineffective and cruel. 

We believe we are better than this. 

We believe a future is possible where people forced to flee the homes they loved receive compassion, justice and support. 

We believe that Britain can meet the challenges of the future. That the asylum system can be rebuilt for the benefit of all. That those fleeing violence can live in peace and care for their families free from fear.  

We believe that Britain has a proud future protecting refugees. Join us, and add your voice to #StandUpForAsylum.

Dear Home Secretary, 

We believe Britain has a proud future protecting refugees. To make this possible, we need to rebuild the asylum system so that people in it feel welcomed and empowered to navigate the system, have a fair and timely decision on their claim, are able to look after themselves and their families and are supported to rebuild their lives.

I am happy for Refugee Action to email me with their latest news and information on how I can support refugees: