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People seeking safety in the UK are being dumped in disused army barracks. It is detention in all but name and is putting lives at risk.

Left to live in overcrowded rooms with just a dirty bedsheet to separate bunks, this accommodation is nowhere near Covid-secure.

People fleeing unimaginable trauma are now housed in places that can lead them to relive memories of war and torture, without proper medical and psychological support. Suicide attempts have been made.

The barracks have also become targets for the far-right. In response, residents are being punished with curbs on their freedom. In June 2021, The High Court ruled that the Home Office’s use of these barracks was unlawful – a reckless gamble with the lives of people seeking safety. 

If this wasn’t enough, the Government is pushing ahead with plans that may force almost everyone in the asylum system to be stuck in this type of accommodation.

This must not happen. Help us fight to #CloseTheBarracks. Email your MP today.

I am happy for Refugee Action to email me with their latest news and information on how I can support refugees: