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For the first time in almost two decades the Government has not committed to welcoming a single refugee through a resettlement programme - one of the few established routes to safety for people fleeing war, persecution and torture. 

The UK used to be a world leader on refugee resettlement, showing its compassion and kindness by welcoming the third largest number of refugees after the US and Canada. Now we are barely in the footnotes. 

This Government keeps saying it is proud of resettlement and wants it to continue, but refuses to set a target. 

Resettlement is a life changing thing. It enriches communities, it gives people who have seen the worst of humanity a chance to truly thrive. It’s been an incredible success in so many ways - so why doesn’t this Government want to commit? 

Tell Boris Johnson that it’s time to commit to resettlement. Sign the petition today.

Dear Prime Minister, 

We call on your Government to commit to resettling 10,000 refugees a year.


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