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Stop the anti-refugee bill: invite your MP to meet you at the #RefugeesWelcome rally

The Government is trying to pass an anti-refugee bill (also known as the Nationality and Borders Bill) that would take a wrecking ball to the right to claim asylum in the UK. It represents the biggest attack on the refugee protection system that we have ever seen and will close the door to desperate people who arrive in the UK to seek safety. 

That’s why we’re supporting the Refugees Welcome rally on Wednesday 20th October to tell the Government to stop the anti-refugee bill and, instead, create a refugee protection system with compassion at its heart. 

We want as many politicians as possible to hear us. This is where you can help! Email your MP and ask them to meet you at the rally to talk about why the bill is both ineffective, cruel and must be stopped.

I am happy for Refugee Action to email me with their latest news and information on how I can support refugees: